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Don't Try to Guess Which Size Ball Hitch You Need

Order a Ball Checker from Roadwhore Enterprises

Scratching your head wondering what size ball hitch to go with? Don't waste your time guesstimating. Add a Ball Checker from Roadwhore Enterprises to your pickup's toolbox. No longer will you be guessing what size ball hitch you need. Now, you can get an accurate measurement and choose the right hitch, every time.

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Having a Hard Time Deciding What Size Ball Hitch You Need?

Upgrade your toolbox with a Ball Checker

Who needs a ball checker anyway?

Whether you need to attach several small trailers or you do a lot of hauling, you're going to need to add a Ball Checker to your toolbox. The Ball Checker is the perfect tool for:

  • Towing companies
  • Farmers who work with trailers
  • Families with travel trailers
  • People who live nomadic lifestyles

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See how easy it is to use the Ball Checker

Does the name leave you a little confused? Don't worry, it's as simple as it sounds. The Ball Checker does exactly what it sounds like it does. The tool comes in three pieces and is inserted inside the hitch to check its size. Once removed, it'll give you an accurate measurement, so you can choose the right size ball hitch.

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